As mentioned in previous sections, I started out as a skinny kid who got beaten up regularly. I decided to change my physique and my life by building my body. As the years passed, Icontinually gained knowledge through every means possible to fuel my workouts and help buildmy diet plans. At 20 years old I met someone who would mentor me in ways I didn’t know Ieven needed. Keith Staly was a farmer in rural Missouri, who built a hardcore gym in hiscornfield beside his house. It was just for him to train in and whatever training partner that hecould get before they quit. I was determined to be the one not to quit and actually try to hand outa little punishment myself. I can’t say that last one ever happened but what did happen was myfirst feel of hardcore training. Regular 3-hour workouts were the norm. So was vomiting on halfof those days. As big as I was, Keith was bigger.

He stood 6’7″ and weighed around 280pounds. I trained with Keith until it was time for dinner, when his wife would cook us all dinnerthen we’d sit around and discuss all aspects of bodybuilding and the champions who reigned. Years later, I had a job at Gold’s gym as a personal trainer. My specialty was working withpeople who were obese. I loved helping them change their lifestyles and in return, change theirentire lives for the better. I received a certification in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition fromthe I.F.P.A. – the toughest certification course out there, but when you do become certified youdeserve it. I consider the president and founder of the I.F.P.A. to be one the true geniuses of theworld and am also lucky enough to call him a good friend. We still work together on manyprojects. I have been an endorsed athlete by Sportspharm and Muscle Tech supplement companies. I have also been fortunate enough to have modeled for companies such as Otomix, International Male and Under Gear, to name a few.

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