I have been in the “body business” going on 25 years now. I have trained with the best and been trained by the best. I’ve accumulated my know how from both schooled knowledge as well as practical knowledge. From all the years of trials and tribulations I’ve devised my own workout and dieting protocol. No one diet works for everyone. We are all individuals and require individual attention. This is the reason for the confusion among people today. How many carbs do I eat? How much protein? What about fat? The list of questions goes on and on. Because of my hectic schedule, I stopped training people over five years ago. I miss it. I missed seeing the look on people’s faces when they dropped those twenty pounds they disliked or gained the ten they needed. I am sick and tired of seeing all the bogus diet books and training manuals on the shelves today.

I[‘m tried of seeing personal trainers who look like they needpersonal trainers themselves. They all try to add different spins on everything in order to carvetheir niche. Often times, all this does is give false information and confusing principles. If you are looking to drop unwanted pounds or gain that elusive muscle, you must firstunderstand that it requires a lifestyle change to do this. Quite often, this change is not dramatic, believe it or not. But sometimes, for some of you, it will be. Regardless, it’s a change that willimprove every single aspect of your life. I will help you.

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